Weight Loss

Are you looking to lose weight?  Have you tried the latest fad diet with disappointing results or gained back what you lost?  You are not alone!  Working with a dietitian will help you navigate the path to finding the right balance for you in your current season of life.  

We are here to help you work through your individual obstacles and create an effective plan that is right for you.  We will meet you on your journey and teach you ways to make healthy choices that will become a lifestyle.  We want you to be successful not just for thirty days, but for the rest of your life!

During our first appointment, we will gather background information, along with eating habits and patterns, medical concerns, and food preferences.  We will work together to determine realistic weight loss goals for you to work towards. After the first appointment, we recommend scheduling follow-up appointments every one to two weeks.  Follow ups are important in the beginning so we can understand your barriers and learn the things that are working well for you.  It gives you time to adapt to your new goals, and to address the items that are not jiving for you.   

The plan needs to be realistic with your lifestyle, so you can see the weight loss results you want. It is important for us to work as a team so we can provide you with encouragement and guidance along the way. We will work through your barriers together and keep you motivated.  We will focus on small healthy changes that will naturally become a habit because we will not be trying to completely change your diet or lifestyle all at once.  Making small positive changes over time will allow you to be more successful in your weight loss journey.

If you feel that you struggle navigating the grocery store or coming up with a meal plan, then we can help.  Does your life involve a lot of meals outside of the home?  Let us help you dissect the restaurant menu of your choice to make sure you are selecting a healthy option, but still enjoying your meals out.  

Nutrition Partners tailors weight loss plans for each individual.  Depending on your goals and focus, we will determine which plan is the best fit for you.  Contact us today to determine which service may best allow you to reach your health and wellness goals.


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